Thinking About Selling Your House?

September 6, 2023

Thinking About Selling Your House?

Thinking about selling your house? If so, you may be wondering if buyers are still out there. Given today's mortgage rates and competitive market.
Well, guess what? I've got the data to answer that question for you. Take a look at this. This graph shows that buyer traffic is stronger this year than it was in more normal years pre-COVID. You may be thinking that can't actually be true, but it is. And here's why. Many buyers have come to accept today's mortgage rates as the new normal and are still making moves. Sure, we're not seeing the level of activity that we saw the last couple of years when rates were historically low, but those years were very unusual. If we use this graph to focus in on what's actually normal for the housing market, we can see just how active today's buyers really are.
Ready to make a move? Know that buyers are still out there, particularly right here on the Central Coast. And as your local expert. I can help you get your house ready and in front of them today.

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