SLO County Market Update - February

February 3, 2024

SLO County Market Update - February

Welcome to February. Let's rewind and take a look at what went down in the world of real estate in SLO County throughout January. Buckle up, because January 2024 did not wait around. It came in with a bang. While most folks use January to ease back into everyday life, kids are going back to school after the holidays. It's the start of a new year. January ‘24 was having none of that. Listings hit the market sooner than usual and buyers were back in the game faster than your average January, pointing toward a promising year ahead in real estate.

Here's the scoop for savvy buyers. Interest rates are currently on a downward trend, but the Federal Reserve hasn't made significant rate cuts just yet. Word on the street is that cuts are expected to start rolling in around March. And when they do? Brace yourselves because buyer demand is going to skyrocket. So if you're thinking about making a move this year, beating the competition might be your ticket to success and saving some money for a tailored plan and a deeper dive into your real estate goals. Don't hesitate to reach out. We can set up a quick 15 minute call for some exciting options for you.

Now let's crunch the numbers. In January, the median price for homes in the county landed at $781,750, with an average price per square foot at $525. We saw a tiny bump up in home sales for a total of 166. And while we're not in the balanced market yet, keep your eyes peeled because home sales are expected to kick into high gear this spring as more inventory hits the market. The median days on market increased slightly to 26 days for a deep dive into these figures and other local insights, just DM me your email address along with the word newsletter and I'll make sure that you're added to our weekly newsletter where we dissect these numbers in more detail.

Stay tuned for our National Market update, where I'll share the latest real estate market and interest rate predictions from the top leaders in the industry. Thank you for joining us today. I'm Amber Johnson from Pillar Real Estate, and I'll be here to keep you updated on all things real estate. Until next time, stay informed and stay ahead in the real estate game.


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