You Get What You Pay For

April 30, 2024

You Get What You Pay For

What truly makes a home affordable for buyers in today's real estate market? Understandably, affordability is a top concern for homebuyers, and it goes beyond just the price tag of the property. It's about considering all future expenses, like repairs, property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, utilities, your commute, and whether the property is energy efficient or not.

Understanding how a mortgage fits into your overall financial picture is also crucial. However, affordability isn't solely about numbers and features. It's about finding a home that aligns with your financial goals and lifestyle needs, ultimately providing the most value. It's just as important to look at your future goals and plans. For example, are you looking for your first home that you plan to be in for 5 years or less. Maybe you don't need the sprawling 5 acre parcel in the neighborhood that everyone wants to be in. How about we save that for your next chapter and next purchase, and look at the one acre parcel the next neighborhood over. In other words, focusing on your future goals to streamline your current property search can save you a ton of money now and later down the road. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or searching for a new home, our team is here to help you find a home that fits your life and budget. Reach out to us today, and let's work together to find you the most affordable home.

I'm Amber Johnson, from Pillar Real Estate. Thank you for tuning in.

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