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Using Equity to Achieve Your Goals

September 8, 2023

Using Equity to Achieve Your Goals

Exciting news for homeowners. Home equity is still on an upward trend, placing many sellers in a better financial position than anticipated. As a homeowner, it's likely that your home equity has seen significant growth over the past few years. Home equity typically accumulates as property values increase and mortgage payments decrease. The equity Insights report states, “the average homeowner boasts close to $300,000 in home equity.” 

Understanding the dynamics of home equity and how to utilize it effectively is critical for every homeowner. If your current residence no longer meets your needs. Consider the possibility of relocating to a property that does. You might be surprised at how leveraging your equity can enhance your affordability in ways that you haven't imagined for equity could potentially revolutionize your capacity to reinvest your necessities and chase your dreams. All of this underscores the importance of comprehending your current home value. 

We invite you to contact our team for an up-to-date market valuation of your home and to gain insight into the possible amount of equity you have in your property. I'm Amber Johnson with Pillar Real Estate. Allow us to assist you in orchestrating your next move.

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